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Hypertrophy - hypertrophy is the process of building muscle , if your training for hypertrophy you should stick to the big 'compound' movements , pushing , pulling , squatting & hingeing as the basis of your training programme , you can throw in some isolation exercises to bring on lagging muscle groups or help with imbalances..generally speaking you'll want to work with a weight that you can lift for about 8-12 reps for optimal results

There are different factors you can change in your routine I'm going to talk about 3Volume - the amount of reps performed in a session Frequency - the amount of times per week you train Load- the amount of weight moved in a sessionSay you've been training your bench press once a week on a Monday using 5 sets of 10 reps @ 70kg , your volume for that session is pretty high , the frequency is low because your only training the bench press once per week and your

Fighters are some of the most well conditioned athletes around and as a by product of that many have impressive physiques, take Conor McGregor or Carl frampton as an example both guys are very lean with wirey musculature but not "muscle bound".To get into this kind of condition fighters will train all the body's energy systems along with smart nutrition , they lift weights , do sprints & lactate training , low intensity aerobic runs and along with actually training for their sport, hitting pads /sparring / grappling

Nowadays every where you look on Instagram / Facebook somebody has done a 6 /8/12 week body transformation , it's great to see so many people into training but this approach probably isn't the best idea for most , let me explain why . There are several protocols we can use to reduce body fat , by far the most effective way to drop fat and to keep It off is through resistance training, by doing this we increase muscle mass therefore increasing metabolism , along with the increased calorie